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About Us

Dear Customers,

My name is Zoe Alexis G, Blogger owner of Zoe Alexis G Blog , I'm a model collector of MR,BBR,FrontiArt,Peako & etc.. (Resin). Collecting a model is awesome, Especially when a model's detail is there. We collectors are very happy with little details. Collecting models is my passion and I want it to be part of my life. 

Special Operation Models is setup on 2015, We are based in Singapore, We sell high-end handmade resin car models in 1:12,1:18 & 1:43 scale, We are authorized dealer for MR Collection, BBR Models , Tecnomodel, Top Marques Model, Looksmart Models, GT Spirit Models, TSM Models, We DON'T only sell scaled model cars but we also sell their accessories! Eg. Acrylic Base+Case , Aftermarket resin wheels, kits .. etc.

We hope you have fun shopping with us! 

Your regards,
Zoe Alexis G (Director of Special Operation Models)