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Dealer License Plate for Scaled Model Cars


Dealer License Plate for Scaled Model Cars


Pricing as scale

1:8: $13.00 per model (Front & Rear)

1:12: $11.00 per model (Front & Rear)

1:18: $7.00 per model (Front & Rear)

1:24: $5.00 per model (Front & Rear)

1:43: $4.00 per model (Front & Rear)


How to order: 

1) Please email us at

2) Do include your 'Name,Country, City, Address,Postal Code, Phone Number'

3) Provide us your model's details (Brand(eg. MR Collection), Manufacturer(eg. Lamborghini), Car (eg. Aventador LP700-4), Scale (eg. 1:18), License Plate Dimensions (eg. ?? cm height & ?? cm width) 

* IF your Front & Rear plate size dimensions are NOT the same, Please let us know.

* We suggest you measure your plates correctly as there is NO refunds/cancellation

4) Select 'MATTE' or 'GLOSS' License Plate and you can finish off the email with your name



Personal information: First name:

Last name:

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